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Mindful Moments

Mindful Moment: Decisions

August 27, 2017

We make decisions, big and small, all day.  Some decisions are relatively inconsequential, like deciding what to wear or which way to take to work. They are split second decisions we don’t even think about.  When was the last time you thought about your response to the cashier asking “how are you?”?  Then there are […]

Mindful Moment: Weeding

May 21, 2017

Much like other discomforts or inconveniences, weeds are an inevitable part of life.  If we rid the world completely of weeds, we would also sacrifice the abundance of the plants, flowers, and vegetables we so enjoy.  Throughout life, we sow seeds with the hope of experiencing the harvest.  We plant seeds literally and metaphorically.  Next, […]

Mindful Moment: The “other” way

March 13, 2017

Our brains like efficiency.  Anything that can be categorized or put into routine is preferred.  Think about how you cross your legs, drive to work, and sit in your favorite chair.  It’s probably the exact same thing each time. While consistency and routine can be comfortable, it is fertile ground for mindlessness.  There is nothing […]

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