Integrative Primary Care

We believe in the power of the integrative lens, which honors and respects the impact of all experiences and facets of one’s personhood on their path to wellness, including one’s unique connection to their body and mind but also their experience of intersectional identities, oppression, power, and privilege in both their personal lives and within relationships with healthcare professionals. We believe healthcare is a right. We recognize the importance of honoring your lived experience as well as seeing yourself and your values reflected in supportive relationships with your healthcare providers. We recognize we do not reflect every identity, race, culture, orientation, or religion in our providers and staff. We are committed to conversation and openness in honoring the needs of our community. We invite all voices to sit at the table to make space for a safe, collaborative, and empowering healing space that is invested in our belief that each person is the expert and author of their path to healing.

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