Yoga & Meditation Resources

At Omaha Integrative Care, we recognize the benefit that yoga and meditation can have for our wellness, in both body and mind. In addition to our virtual classes offered via Zoom, we wanted to provide some free, on-demand videos and recordings as another way to support our community. Maybe you’ve never tried yoga or meditation before and just want to check it out. Maybe you have a regular practice and are looking for a guided option that you can do on your own. Whatever your specific needs, we hope these resources offer some support, peace, and increased connection to your own inner calm during these times.

Support Our Yoga & Meditation Team

If you would like to show your appreciation and support for our yoga, meditation, and bodywork providers, please consider a donation to our GoFundMe page, which will provide financial assistance to these providers whose ability to work and receive an income has been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Yoga Videos

30-minute Slow Flow Yoga with Christine


Relax and Refocus: Seated yoga flow that can be done at your desk — perfect for a work break!


Meditation Videos & Recordings

Buzzing Bee Breath with Stephanie Watson

A Heart Centered Meditation with Stephanie Watson and Andi Davenport.


An 8-minute Present Moment meditation. Narrated by Christine Kramer.


A 9-minute Body Relaxation meditation. Narrated by Christine Kramer.


A 13-minute trauma-sensitive meditation for Body Relaxation. Narrated by Christine Kramer.




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