Vision, Mission, and Values

Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in all of its forms as we foster and maintain a safe environment of respect and inclusion for all members of the communities we serve.


Our vision is to create a sanctuary in which all people collaborate in their healing – mind, body and spirit – and are empowered to engage in their own health and wellness to live life to the fullest.


Omaha Integrative Care’s mission is to create a sustainable healing space where practitioners focus on wellness, healing, and treating the whole person using the principles of integrative medicine. By cultivating professional relationships, educating ourselves and collaborating in all modalities we strive to both treat and educate people looking to live life to the fullest. Omaha Integrative Care strives to provide a healing space in which people are empowered to lead their treatment, learn self care and access their natural healing. Guided by each person’s unique set of circumstances, we collaborate with the individual, the providers and the community at large to promote the best standard of care in all areas of healthcare.


Integrity. At Omaha Integrative Care we value the expertise of all the many disciplines available for healing and prevention. We believe that research is important and valuable and that authenticity and scope of practice are important ethical values for all practitioners.

Compassion and Self-Compassion. As practitioners we understand the importance of change through compassion and self-compassion. We believe that we are better practitioners when we also practice compassion with ourselves.

Respectful Communication. A fundamental principle of integrative healthcare is understanding each person’s unique set of circumstances. In order to truly know a person’s social, emotional, physical and spiritual world we must deeply listen to the stories shared.

Inclusivity. We believe that all people deserve access to services without discrimination and strive to ensure that we create a welcoming environment. We believe in partnering and collaborating with others in the community to create access to integrative healthcare services for all.

Education and Learning. We are committed to always learning, no matter where we are in life or how long we have been practicing. Education and learning happens on a daily basis in our constant collaboration with each other and other healthcare partners. We continue to learn through continued education, peer mentoring and consultation.

Meaningful Collaboration. We believe that it often takes more than one perspective to provide the best care for a person. Through meaningful collaboration and referral we strive to provide the most effective care as a team.

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