Massage & Bodywork

Integrative Massage & Bodywork:

Nurturing a mindful body through massage, reiki, & sound baths

Massage at OIC is different from your typical spa massage, though equally relaxing. Our massages are guided by the whole-health principles practiced by our entire team. Our Licensed Massage Therapists are trained in specific therapeutic techniques as well as influenced by the variety of both traditional and complementary practitioners at OIC. Our massages are practiced as full-time hands-on for the amount of time you booked your appointment. We believe that mass can be a therapeutic intervention in order to help navigate physical and emotional stress.

Equally as important as finding therapeutic massage as a part of your health regime, we also offer Reiki. Our certified Reiki masters provide calm and healing sessions through an ancient form of healing energy work.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese hands-on healing technique that balances the life force energy that flows in each of us. The direct translation of “rei-ki” is “spiritually guided life force energy.” Reiki restores a healthy balance and peace in the mind, body, and spirit. It supports the release and transformation of negative thoughts and feelings lodged in the unconscious mind and body. It helps restore the natural energy flow and nourishes unhealthy physical organs, tissues, and body systems. Reiki enhances the natural healing and recovery process and harmoniously complements any of the integrative health practices at Omaha Integrative Care.

Massage Therapy Pricing:

Massage therapists at OIC practice hands-on massage for the time you book your massage for. We recognize each massage session may look different, therefore additional modalities (such as; hot stone, deep tissue, essential oils, etc) are included in the price of your massage.

30 minutes: $45

60 minutes: $80

90 minutes: $120

2 hour: $160

FEM (Fertility Enhancing Massage)

Individual sessions: $145

Four-part series: $470

Utilizing massage and related techniques to enhance the health and functioning of the pelvic and abdominal organs, FEM promotes fertility and overall mental, emotional and physical well-being. A unique healing journey, the four parts of the protocol focus on cleansing the body, enhancing the blood, opening the breath, and relaxing and integrating. Each session is designed to complement a specific time in a woman’s cycle, whether natural or assisted through reproductive treatments. For more details on the specific benefits of each part of the series, check out this FEM information page.

Chronic Pain Massage

Individual sessions: $75

Four-part series: $250

This 4 part series helps to naturally manage chronic pain in all areas. The 4 sessions help to work the stressed muscle groups and allow them to release through a series of pain relief lotions, cooling gels, Swedish techniques, myofascial release, deep tissue and more. These sessions are catered to the type of pain a client is dealing with. For more details on the specific benefits of each part of the series, check out this Chronic Pain Massage Package or send us an email with our contact form.

Personal Sound Bath Sessions

A personal sound bath session consists of deep healing, offered in 30, 60, 90, or 120-minute sessions. The session consists of utilizing the infusion of reiki energy work as well as a Tibetan brass-singing bowl on the body. This healing technique is non-invasive and provides nourishment, via vibrations, to the whole body.

Some benefits include: breaking up densities and stagnation, releasing held tensions, or areas of tightness. Relief from stress-related conditions. Gently massaging the cells, releasing toxins. Stimulating the Vagus Nerve, flooding the body with naturally occurring opioids which reduces pain. Plus the experience is extremely relaxing and feels amazing.

The session will begin with a conversation about intentions/ what you are wanting the session to help with. Then you simply relax on a massage table fully clothed while the practitioner uses a singing bowl on multiple positions of the body. The practitioner will also add music with healing tones and frequencies as well as aromatherapy to the experience.

30 minutes: $40

60 minutes: $75

90 minutes: $110

120 minutes: $140

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