In-person yoga classes have resumed!

Your safety is important to us at Omaha Integrative Care, and we are still taking extra precautions. It is recommended to bring your own mat and props for all classes. OIC will provide sanitized mats and props for those who do not have their own. We will have a limited number of spaces and will not have overlapping class times so everybody can maintain social distancing.  Masks are required during yoga class. 

Not quite ready to come to the center? You can still participate virtually!

Making yoga accessible to all

At OIC we strive to make yoga accessible to everyone and we recognize that we will always have room for growth in this area. We keep our class sizes small so we can offer the best instruction and the safest environment. Our mission is to honor and share the ancient traditions of the practice.  Our program is unique to the Omaha area, teaching yoga within our integrative environment gives us the ability to offer several healing modalities under one roof.  If  you are seeking a traditional practice in calm, healing and integrative environment this is the place for you.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have limited in person space available.  Please sign up in advance and review our safety protocol. Morning yoga on Tuesday and Thursday is offered in person and online. All you need to do is Zoom in using our yoga class code: 682 411 4396.

Please email our Wellness Facilitator and Yoga Lead Steph Watson with any questions!

Opportunities for practice

Fertility Yoga

Yoga for Fertility: This six week session is designed to meet the needs of women who are trying to conceive. Class is designed around an all encompassing nourishment wheel that focuses on health for the body, mind and spirit. This unique session teaches postures and breathing techniques that calm the body, nourishes the reproductive organs, and release anxiety and stress. Each class delves into the deeper yogic teachings of meditation, visualization, and the power of our thoughts and attitudes. As we relax and let go of physical and emotional toxins, we begin to have a clearer sense of self and insight into our fertility journey. Class sizes are kept small to facilitate a sharing and supportive community. Class is taught by Christine Kramer.  This class is a session offered several times a year.  

Who is this class for?

Students who are preparing for pregnancy.

Gentle Yoga

Taught by Paula Savatovic, this class is the perfect opportunity to practice yoga in a nourishing and mindful way.  Class will teach the foundational and traditional aspects of yoga which include postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation. This class moves at a slow and gentle pace. This is a weekly drop in class. 

Who is this class for?

Anyone who prefers a traditional yoga class that is slow and gentle.


Are you interested in practicing yoga with other LGBTQIA folks? Taught by our queer teacher J, this class focuses on creating a safe place to practice and explore. Class will include movement, relaxation and meditation techniques. Come to yoga and build community together! New session coming in 2022!

Who is this class for?

Anyone who is looking to practice yoga and connect to the LGBTQIA community.

Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga is a traditional hatha based class that includes breathing and cleansing practices to start your day. Begin your day by connecting breath and movement in a mindful way that will increase inner awareness (on and off the mat). This class allows you to arrive and enjoy quiet stillness while energizing the body, so that you leave ready to enter the rest of your day with vitality and equanimity. Morning Yoga will always end with meditation instruction that will support students in creating a home practice.  This drop in class is taught by Stephanie Watson.  This class is also offered online!

Who is this class for?

Students who are looking for a hatha and vinyasa blend.  Some yoga experience is suggested but not required.

Yoga & Sound Bath

This class offers the perfect balance of movement and stillness. Soothe your soul with a nourishing yoga nidra practice that incorporates the healing waves of sound bath. Yoga nidra, which is often referred to as “yogic sleep,” gives participants the opportunity to deeply heal. Calming and soothing sound waves take the experience to another level. This drop in class is taught by Dandelion Davenport.

Who is this class for?

Students who are looking for a mid-week stress buster and a unique experience.

Pre/Postnatal Yoga

Connect with your pregnancy in our pre/postnatal yoga class. Gentle, nurturing and fun, this class teaches a series of yoga postures, breathing and mindfulness techniques designed to bring awareness and relaxation to your baby and your body. Our expert teachers introduced practices that will assist moms to be before, during and after labor. Practice class after birth and bring your baby! Our yoga community provides a safe place for mamas to nurse, relax and ease back into practice.  Plus we all get to meet your baby!  Taught by Pre/Postnatal Certified and Experienced Yoga Instructors Emily Goodwin and Stephanie Watson.  This class is a session offered several times a year.  

Who is this class for?

Pre/Postnatal mamas.

Restorative Yoga

Taught by Christine Kramer, this class is strategically designed to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Restorative Yoga uses props to help support relaxation and release. This class will allow students to find gentle, easy, meditative movements to allow stillness, renewal, and ease. This class is a session offered several times a year.  


Students who want to rest, restore and heal.

Private Yoga/Meditation Sessions

Combining healing postures with relaxation tools, breathwork, guided meditation and imagery, your Registered Yoga Teacher will design a personal healing practice to promote overall health and well-being. Individual sessions are appropriate for all levels, from beginners wanting to develop a foundation to experienced yoga practitioners looking to enhance their existing practice. We are currently offering a three session package for $150.  This package is set to meet your individual needs.  Please email or call 402-216-7017 with questions or to register.    

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Weather Policy

During the winter months, there may be times when it is necessary to close the studio due to weather conditions such as snow or extreme cold.  Our studio closure follows the lead of the Millard Public School District (on the weekdays).

If Millard Public Schools closes (weekdays):

  • All yoga classes before noon will be canceled
  • Yoga classes in the evening will be posted by 2 p.m. that day


  • If needed, yoga classes will be canceled on MindBodyOnline at least 1 hour prior to the class start time

Please check our schedule online before heading to class on inclement winter weather days/evenings.

What’s Your Yoga?

We each have a unique set of circumstances and everyone is different – in body, mind and soul. There isn’t a “one-size fits all” option when it comes to integrative wellness including yoga. Yoga classes can be customized to fit your needs. Find out what the best fit is for you!

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