Brianna Cooks


Brianna Cooks (she, her, hers) received a Master of Arts and Counseling at Adler University of Psychology in Chicago, and a Bachelor’s in 2D Fine Arts at Pittsburg State University of Kansas. She has experience working with depression, anxiety, health and nutrition, family encounters, LGBTQA+ life transitions, and other forms of trauma.

Brianna sees value in using creative methods to assist in the healing process. Art Therapy is self-expression that can be controlled, uncontrolled, and can add a positive sense of chaos that can uncage oneself from the norms of therapy. There are times when words cannot depict emotions: Finding beauty in nature, music, or art can speak more to a soul. Art Therapy can provide the opportunity to change our perspective on what therapy is. Brianna prides herself on being accepting and compassionate to every person and situation.

Brianna believes that there is not a “one size fits all” approach to therapy. Each person is unique, and therapy should complement every personality, adversity, and lifestyle. Life is like staring into a box of colored pencils: No two are the same. Each color is the creator of its own artwork.

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