Galina Wood


Galina (they/them) is a graduate of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at the University of Nebraska – Omaha. They value and honor the complex ways in which each person engages with the world. Galina collaborates with clients to create an open, safe, and non-judgmental space, prioritizing clients’ autonomy throughout the therapeutic process. Galina believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship and works with clients to build relationships through an exploration of the impact of trauma, as well as societal, political and institutional forces have on the processing of experiences. As a queer-identified practitioner, Galina brings personal and professional experience to working with folks in LGBTQIA2S+ communities, regardless of whether their gender identity and/or sexuality is a central issue in the client’s current therapeutic needs. They also have experience working with individuals and families who are impacted by immigration policy-related trauma and violence and are fluent in Spanish.

Galina views therapy as a collaborative space and enjoys co-learning with clients. Galina works to meet the client where they are at, supporting the client’s agency and expertise in determining their best path to healing. As a foundation, they practice a compassion-focused, client-centered, trauma-informed therapeutic approach. They are also committed to providing queer and gender-affirming care, which includes providing support in gender transitioning and navigating gender-affirming medical care. Additionally, Galina integrates Internal Family Systems, or IFS, which conceptualizes human behavior and change through the self being made up of parts of self. Galina helps clients uncover and understand these parts of self and how they function to ultimately integrate all of your parts and return to wholeness.

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