Emily Goodwin


Emily (she, her, hers) earned her doctorate in occupational therapy from Creighton University in 2010. Emily is a certified Safe & Sound protocol provider for nervous system regulation, an experienced registered yoga teacher including prenatal yoga through Yoga Alliance, a certified holistic life coach, and an Usui Reiki master. She weaves her areas of expertise into her sessions to address her clients’ needs and goals.

Emily provides holistic occupational therapy treatment to improve the quality of life and life fulfillment of her clients. She incorporates a variety of healing modalities to assist her clients to overcome self-identified areas for improvement and works with them on a comprehensive level. Emily believes in the power of client-centered care and in using therapeutic use of self to guide her practice.

Emily has extensive training in addressing nervous system regulation with polyvagal theory, adult sensory interventions, sleep dysfunction, chronic pain, anxiety conditions, assistance with holistic meal planning, work/life balance concerns, physical strength deficits, caregiver burnout, and postpartum recovery.


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