Staying Cool, When It’s Heating Up

July 05, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga

How to stay cool – in the heat of the summer.
Happy Summer!  We are well into the heat of summer and embarking upon the hottest part of the year here in the Midwest.  Whether you love the heat or are already wishing for fall, it’s a good time to bring cooling practices into your daily routine.

It’s not just about the temperature heating up either.  You may find that work or relationships are heating up.  If you are already an intense person, summer can ignite that fire even more.  This creates a push or drive to make things happen or “hot” feelings like jealousy, anger, or resentment.

Regardless of whether it is the thermometer outside or your internal temperature rising, take some time to cool off.   You want to balance both the physical and emotional during the hot days ahead of us.

Adjust your exercise.  If you like to exercise outside, make sure it is during the cooler parts of the day like the early morning as the sun is rising.  Also consider working at 75% during the hotter months.  Exercise is not just about the physical endurance, but also challenging ourselves to stretch outside our comfort zones.  For some of us, that means practicing doing just a little less than what we are used to doing.

Relax.  Summer is fun and busy.  Make sure you are taking time for deep relaxation.  This isn’t just sitting in front of a screen.  Deep relaxation is intentional time to cool off and recharge.  Need help relaxing?  You’re not alone.  Join Christine for her Deep Relaxation yoga class on Thursdays at Lakeside.

Hydrate.  Make sure you are staying hydrated and drinking cool beverages.  Consider decaffeinated beverages versus hot coffee.  Drink water throughout the day.  If water feels too boring, add some lemon or mint and keep sipping!

Cooling breath.  Practice the cooling breathing practice Sitali.  In this breathing technique you curl your tongue and breathe in and out as if through a straw.  This creates the sensation of cool air coming in as well as calms the nervous system.  It’s also great for hot flashes and rising tempers!  Check out Yoga International’s article on Sitali for more detailed instructions.

Keep meditating.  Practicing mindfulness meditation will help soothe mind and body during the heat.  When we meditate the body naturally cools down.  Not sure how to meditate or looking for some guidance and community?  Check out our meditation times.

No matter what season it is or where you are in life at this moment, take good care of you.  Be gentle with yourself and others and enjoy these summer days!


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