The Power of A Daily Reminder – Affirmations.

May 18, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga

Affirmations – Amp up your daily routine.
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“You become what you believe” – Buddha.

Negative thinking can sometimes run our lives. Our brain’s run on autopilot in this constant state of negativity and depression. The worst part about negative thinking is that it can be self-fulfilling, we tell ourselves we aren’t good enough or aren’t worth it. When this happens it does not just affect the way we view ourselves but it affects how we communicate, our careers, and all of our relationships.

Like working out, continually, to gain muscle or loose weight we must also give our self-esteem a little ‘workout’ too. Changing the way we think will ultimately change the way we live, and this can be done through positive affirmations. The word affirmation may sound familiar; we give our children, our spouse and even our co-workers words of affirmation like “great baseball game”, “you look beautiful today”, or “you killed that meeting”! Sure, we spend a lot of time affirming and re-enforcing positivity within the people around us, but commonly forget the most important person there is, you.

Affirmations are present tense, short quotes, that are to be read throughout a day, week or month. The power of affirmations and positive thinking lies within the repetition. When saying an affirmation it is best reciprocated when said with feeling. Before you begin to say your affirmation, bring to mind the goal you are trying to achieve or an action you are trying to create. Putting a purpose behind the affirmation will ensure that you are saying and meaning these affirmations, mindfully.

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