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#OICHolds Affirmations

Fall Teaches Us Our Greatest Lesson

October 15, 2018

Living in Nebraska you may know that it is harvesting season. The beautiful green corn stalks are now gone, and have been made into mazes or food. Allergies are typically flaring and we transition into shorter days and crisper air. Fall is a time for harvest.  To harvest what we have accomplished this year, and […]

My Vulnerability Begins Simply with Joy & Gratitude

July 19, 2018

Real, raw, and SIMPLE vulnerability. Vulnerability without having to look fear in the eyes, or jump off a cliff or admit your love for someone. Let’s begin with “dress rehearsing tragedy”. Like looking at your child with so much love and tenderness but imagining them dying or watching your partner show love but jumping right […]

The Little Things Are Most Important

July 17, 2018

When we live by the urgent, we miss the important. And the important things tend to be the little things, like your son’s home run or a co-workers birthday. When we are constantly living in a state of emergency our bodies and brains tend to skip over what it thinks or picks up as not […]

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