The Magic of Fall

September 22, 2017 | Isa Luzarraga

The wonderful season of autumn starts this week, Friday the 22nd. Fall is a season of getting back to routine and developing a stronger sense of purpose in life. The start of fall signifies children going back to school and more importantly, the Starbucks fall drinks coming back in season! After that long, hot summer, it’s nice when the weather finally starts to cool down.

Many may say that the prettiest time of the year is when the flowers finally blossom in the spring. But to some, there is nothing more beautiful than watching those hues of red, orange, and yellow flutter to the ground. The smells of fall flourish around us. Take a moment in September or October to just walk outside and feel that that Fall’s is here!

It’s that smell of the leaves, firewood, and a slight pumpkin undertone. When the weather starts getting colder, people can start gathering around the fireplace and sipping hot tea. Sweaters, jeans, boots, and long socks can make people feel warm, cozy, and safe. The feel of fall as a whole is a calm, cozy aura that people are drawn to.

Another benefit of fall are the holidays we celebrate. From Halloween in the U.S., to Dia de los Muertos in Mexico, it’s fun seeing the different traditions these holidays have, in all communities around the globe. Thanksgiving is also a wonderful holiday that brings family and friends closer together. 

Fall is also nature’s way of preparing for the cold, bitter winter and as individuals, we to can prepare for it in our own way. We get back to work and back to routine, but we still know that the real chaos-filled days are probably yet to come. And those days will come, but enjoy the moment! Live in the fall magic, go outside and roll in the leaves or even enjoy a caramel apple! Bad days are always imminent, but maybe the feeling of fall will make yours just a little more magical. 

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