The Little Things Are Most Important

July 17, 2018 | Stevie Jelden

When we live by the urgent, we miss the important. And the important things tend to be the little things, like your son’s home run or a co-workers birthday. When we are constantly living in a state of emergency our bodies and brains tend to skip over what it thinks or picks up as not important.

When we train our minds to practice mindfulness than we are able to fully absorb all the little details that are happening around us. Have you ever experienced driving to or from work and completely forgetting getting home? Maybe you drive that route everyday and all of a sudden one day you NOTICE how green the trees are turning. The noticing is the mindfulness, and the mindfulness leads us to the “little things”. The little things are more than that, they are what allow us to live the human experience. Allow us to live in peace, happiness and joy. So take a breath, and notice a little thing that may have been fogged by your constant state of emergency. Nothing is that important, take a breath and just lie down.

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