Staying Cool In The Heat

May 11, 2018 | Isa Luzarraga

The sun has finally awakened from its long winter slumber, and it looks like it has booked a one way ticket to our skies the rest of the spring and summer. As we transition into the summer, the temperatures rise, the tempers may heat up, and our schedules may get full. Even though it is called “Summer Break”, sometimes it feels like it can be anything but. Hopefully after reading and processing some of these tips, you have a few new ways to stay cool under the rising heat and potential workload.

Many would agree that summer is one of the best times to get outside, hang in the sun, and do what pleases you. However, sometimes we forget that the sun can be a brutal enemy. The high temperatures dehydrate our bodies quicker than usual. Therefore it is pertinent to carry a water bottle with you frequently. Make sure you are watching your time in the sun to prevent heat stroke. And of course there is the continuous enemy of sunburn. Pack a bottle of SPF as well as SPF lightweight clothing everytime you go out to protect your skin.

So your body is well protected and ready to take on the summer heat, but is your mind fully ready? Summer sometimes has the misconception of being two months of bliss with no work whatsoever. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Schedules can get hectic in the summer due to absence of routine that tends to happen around the warmer months. Organization can alleviate some of this pressure. Invest in a planner or even a digital planner, to keep track of your to do lists, work events, and reminders. In addition, color-coding your planner is very relaxing. Also, sometimes it is important to just take a breath and practice mindfulness for a moment. This can act as a little mental break in the middle of a busy day.

Hopefully you can stay cool under all the pressures and heat that summer tends to bring! Remember to go out and enjoy the weather!

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