Setting Intentions For The Turn of Year

December 29, 2016 | Julie Luzarraga



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Happy New Year!
Forget resolutions – find your intentions!




Setting Intentions By: Francis Girard

We all have goals and dreams that we would like to see become reality. We all desire for improvement within our lives, whether in our careers or in our personal lives. The only problem is, not all of us know how to go about manifesting these desires. Sometimes it’s just hard to determine how or where to start, and how to “keep on keeping on” when the road towards realizing our dreams gets rough and rocky. Proof of this is in the number of New Year’s resolutions made and subsequently broken within a few weeks of every January.

Today is the day. To conquer. To succeed. To find happiness. To find your mat. To find yourself.


Intention Setting For The Turn of The Year

                                    Stop resolutions and start intentions! 

It is time to let go of New Year resolutions, to let go of wanting to be someone we are not, to let go of setting up unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Take this time to create New Year intentions and forget sayings like “New Year, New You”. When finding your intentions make sure of a couple of things before putting them into practice:
1. Make it a pattern: Ensuring that you are able to make your intentions into a consistent pattern, this will make sure that your intentions develop into a lifestyle. Start by looking at your intentions week by week, at the end of each week assess your progress, or how the week went, and tweak or change if necessary. Make sure that even on the days you feel like not doing it that you hold yourself accountable – if you find yourself on one of these days take 5-20 minutes to do a short breathing exercise to re-direct yourself back to your intentions.
2. Make them measurable: After you find your specific intention, and are beginning to create a plan of action, make sure that your plan is measurable. Ex: If your intention is to “eat healthier”, make it measurable by saying “eat at least 2 healthy meals per week”. After each week check your progress. Broad intentions are easy to let go of, making them into something that is measurable, that you are able to access each week, will help keep you accountable.
3. Be specific: After you have created a plan, and made your intentions into something you are able to measure you want to ensure you are being specific. Ex: If your intention is to “eat 2 healthy meals per week”, make this more specific by saying “cook 1 healthy meal for myself and my family on Wednesday nights, and bring my own salad to work minimum of 1 day per week”. Being this specific within your intention will help hold you accountable and make it easier to assess. You may realize after a couple weeks that Wednesdays are busy nights for your family so it is unrealistic to cook that night, perfectly okay, simply change the day and go forward.
4. Only find a couple: Do not make a laundry list of intentions that you want to accomplish in 2017. When you overwhelm yourself with too many intentions it can get cluttered and de-rail you from the most important ones. To start only find 1-3 intentions. After you have created a pattern and made them a consistent part of your life then begin to look at possibly finding another intention to add. Remember you can create intentions at any point of the year, it does not have to be at the turn of the New Year.
5. Make sure to take time to meditate on them to ensure they are coming from your heart and not your mind: Do not feel like you have to rush into your intentions and know them exactly on January 1st. Give yourself time to sit down, meditate and truly search for what it is your heart is NEEDING, not what your mind is wanting. Listen to the meditation below to help get you started. Grab a cup of tea, and a note book and give yourself 10-20 minutes. 

Put these into practice by joining any of our classes!! Your first class is ALWAYS on us!


                  This weeks meditation is brought to you by: New Year Intentions 

Use this guided meditation to set your new year intentions. Take this time to search for your intentions within your heart. Not only are you taking time to create them but also to create a realistic, measurable and specific plan in order to create consistency within your intention. Consistency creates lifestyle and that it the only way these intentions will “stick”. Listen to this guided meditation and follow it with a 5-20 minute sit.      

Listen to this 7 minute meditation HERE

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Jilll Koegel


Jill Koegel is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist credentialed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. She is RYT-200, and a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise. Jill earned a BS in Nutritional Science and Dietetics at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and completed her dietetic internship at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Jill currently serves as the Sports Nutrition Consultant for Creighton University Athletics, and blogs regularly for the Omaha World Herald. She enjoys working with clients from where they are “now,” helping them set small goals that multiply into big results. In her spare time, Jill loves to cook, be outside, exercise, write, and spend time with family and friends.Join Jill on January 12th for her new class – Yoga for Beginners. Thursdays 5:30-6:15 PM at Lakeside. 

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