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October 08, 2018 | Julie Luzarraga

Rest & Return Meditation 
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Say “hello” to fall in Nebraska. One day may be hot and windy and the next cool and damp. It’s hard to
know whether to put away the summer clothes or pull out the winter wardrobe. This unpredictability
can leave us feeling scattered and untethered – drifting in the wind. As we enter the transition between summer and fall, it is a good time to consider beginning a meditation practice or re-dedicate yourself to an existing practice.

We know meditation seems an elusive practice meant for people with unlimited time and copious
amounts of discipline. There are a variety of meditation styles and techniques and it can be confusing when you are wanting to start a practice or even deepen an existing practice. Yet, there is one simple
concept that is universal to most all practices. This is the concept of resting your attention on one thing
and returning to that focus. This could be resting your attention on the breath, an image such as a
candle flame, a phrase or prayer, or any number of things.

When we rest our mind on one thing at a time it grounds us in the present moment. The wind could be
blowing, the temperature dropping, and stressors swirling around; but we rest the mind on one thing, in
the present moment. Inevitably, there is a change in our environment, our situation, or interactions and
the mind shifts away from our focus. At this point we simply and gently return. This process of resting
our focus and returning is the fundamental practice of meditation.

We invite you to experience this process in our new meditation class Rest & Return. These classes are intended to be open to all levels and facilitated through a trauma-informed lens. Sessions will include
check-in, learning from a skilled facilitator, and guided practice. Each session will explore different styles
and ways of practicing meditation and mindfulness. Please join us in finding some steady ground in
these blustery times!


Rest & Return Meditation 
November 6th 5-6:15PM
OIC Main
Fertility Support Group
October 15th
6:30 PM OIC Lakeside FREE
Deep Relaxation 
Every Thursday at 6:45PM
OIC Lakeside (drop-in rates apply)
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