Radical Self-Care

October 03, 2016 | Julie Luzarraga

We talk a lot about the importance of self-care.  Chances are you can list many of the components of self-care – adequate sleep, a healthy diet, a healthy balance of work and play and so forth.  The components become a mindless mantra on what we know we should do, but yet never get done.  Life and work get in the way.  We go to what’s quick, easy, and feels good versus what we “know” is good for our body, mind and spirit.  We do a lot of thinking about self-care, but the doing gets put on tomorrow’s to-do list.  Essentially, the idea of self-care becomes a philosophy more than a practice.  To read more and receive an infographic to remind you throughout the day to stay in the moment and mindful click here

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