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December 09, 2016 | Juline Mosser

How full is your glass?  You choose!  The age-old question of glass half full or half empty in respect to optimistic or pessimistic outlooks ignores the amazing opportunity that regardless of your initial reaction, you have the ability to choose.   This incredible verse by Jackson Kiddard describes perfectly our ability to take life’s challenges as lessons and make the most of them.

This verse spoke to me.  As a previously self diagnosed “control freak”  I lived for the illusion of control.  When I realized that being in control is just that, an illusion.  I set a new goal to practice intentional decision making and learning from life’s curve balls. When my approach shifted from attaining the impossible illusion to focusing on how I can make an impact, it was easier to let go of the things outside of my control.  My focus shifted from “What if” to “What is.”  I began to see each unique challenge as a gift.

Thinking of Mr. Kiddard’s verse in my daily affirmation helps keep me in a lifelong learning mindset and structures my day more optimistically.


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