Move 27 things to re-set your life & your practice

March 29, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga





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Today is the day. To conquer. To succeed. To find happiness. To find your mat. To find yourself.


Move 27 things to re-set your life (and your yoga practice).
                                                                                                         feng shui. 

This time of the year is one of the most beautiful. Between the newly green grasses, budding trees and flowers, and finally hearing the birds sing again. However, this time of year, much like our transition into the winter, energies seem to get a little “snuck”. Whether it is just a day you feel tired or sluggish or you seem to find yourself in one of those “moods”, applying a time-honored feng shui technique is crucial.
Move 27 things to “un-stick”.

This is about as simple as it says here. Move 27 things in a main area of your living space, this could be your bedroom, living room, office, etc. This can be as complex as deciding a new home for the object across the room, or just simply lifting it and setting it back down.

When using yoga to unstick energy, or re-energize the body use this same technique of moving 27 things within your practice. Our main living space is our bodies, so it only makes sense to begin here. Make this simple, don’t over think it. Do a 27 pose sequence/ practice, move slowly within each pose, letting the breath guide you (take 5-10 breaths in every pose). This slow yet powerful movement of 27 postures will strengthen the muscles, and the breath, allowing your body to ‘un-stick’ and recharge.

Try the below sequence:

  • Begin on your back tucking the knees to the chest
  • Full body stretch
  • Press up into easy seat
  • Walk the fingertips out to the side for a side stretch (both sides)
  • Forward fold over the crossed legs
  • Come into tabletop pose and find a neutral spine
  • Cat/cow pose
  • Lift the right hand out forward and the left legs back for balancing table (both sides)
  • With both hands down lift the right leg back putting the toes on the ground – push back through the heel (both sides)
  • Big toes together, knees spread apart enter child’s pose
  • Staying in child’s pose walk the hands to the right, then to the left
  • Meet back in table top and press up to down dog
  • Bend the right knee, send the left heel down (both sides)
  • Walk the feet up to the hands hanging in a forward fold
  • Drop the chin into the chest and ‘ragdoll’ vertebra by vertebra up to mountain pose
  • Stay in mountain pose – finding your four corners
  • Inhale reach the arms up, right hand grab the left wrist and bend to the right (both sides)
  • Exhale forward fold over the legs
  • Half lift (hands can come to shins) nice flat backs
  • Fold back over the legs and plant the hands stepping back to plank
  • Drop the knees, elbows in tight lower down
  • Inhale press up into upward dog
  • Exhale press back to down dog
  • Step up to a forward fold
  • Half lift
  • Bend the knees taking your body all the way down to the floor
  • Bring the knees to the chest and knees to the armpits, sole of the feet to the ceiling for happy baby
  • Savasana (6-8 minutes) 


                              This month’s meditation is brought to you by:                                                                                    Your commute

Enjoy this 6 minute commuting meditation, to be listened to on your way to or from work. Enjoy.



Finding Your 4 Corners

How to enter this pose:

  • Begin in mountain pose, with the chest forward and shoulders back, the hips rotated forward and a micro bend in the knees
  • Close the eyes find the natural movement of the body here, the swaying
  • Begin with lifting one of your feet’s toes, then if it feels comfortable move to both feet
  • Find the balance and the stability, grounding through the toe ball mount, the pink toe ball and the back 2 corners of the heel
  • Stay here for 10 breaths     

Use this 4 corner method as the foundation of your yoga practice, and all of your yoga poses. Enter a pose, take a breath, find your four corners and ground.


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