Mindfully Being In Love

February 14, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga


Be Mindful This Valentine’s Day
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Being in love, falling in love, or maybe the stages in between. These are all amazing opportunities to pause, breath and lead with your heart. Being in love can happen quickly or sporadically and send you down a whirlwind spiral. In that spiral, it is easy to plan for the future and only look ahead with your partner. However, when we do this we forget to pause and enjoy the little life moments and ultimately the whole experience of being in love.

Valentine’s Day allows us the opportunity to shower our loved ones with gifts, emotions, and love. Some may move through this day with blinders on, seeing only the flowers, candy and teddy bears. This materialism detours us from the true meaning of the holiday, celebrating a special connection with someone you love. Use today to pause, breathe, and appreciate the little moment with the people you love most.

As you move through the day and into the evening look for ways that will allow you to be mindful. Mindfulness will bring clarity to the connection you have with your partner, and allow your bond to grow in a deeper and more mature way. This evening, while you are eating your dinner and spending sometime together, grab each others hands and face each other. With your eyes open, simply look at your partner and let go of any negative feelings you may be experiencing – do not let the mind wander into the past, even the good things of the relationship. Simply be, in the present moment and presently together. Ask yourself, what do I love about my partner, right now in this moment? If it feels right bring the chests together, in a hug, and take 30-60 seconds to simply be here, free of mental clutter and effortlessly letting love flow.

Lastly, if your relationship is found in an intimate place you may take a couple moment to do a mindful kiss. Sitting in front of each other, with the eyes open, notice what arises in your body? Do you feel excitement, butterflies, or warmth? As you sit gazing into each other take a moment to again just recognize the person you are with, why you love them or why you feel grateful for them. You may begin to notice an organic movement of the mind and body, and this is perfectly natural. Try not to let the mind wander into the past or future of the relationship. Be presently in the moment, with your partner.  When you feel ready, and the connection and warmth is made, come together as the lips touch. You may do this a couple of times or stay within the moment for as long as it feels natural.

Next time you are drawn to make a connection with your partner, take a couple moments and a couple breaths to reconnect, realize each other’s presence and become present together. Find nothing more than your partner, your breath, a connection and love with flow, organically through you.

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