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April 27, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga


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 Using yoga to navigate your finances.
                                                                                   Mind, body & wallet?

Most people know that yoga has many wonderful benefits; stress reduction, anxiety and depression coping, and decreases inflammation, just to name a few. What about coping, navigating, and dealing with finances? Money is the number one societal topic that creates tension, confusion, and frustration. It’s time to take a little time for your mind, your body and your wallet, with yoga!
Below are some ways that yoga can help heal your wallet too.

1. Your yoga practice can be done anywhere, literally. This can help save money on hefty gym memberships, in big loud gyms. Fortunately yoga can be gentle and relaxing OR powerful and intense, that is the beauty of your practice.
2. Yoga teaches us balance and resourcefulness. Let yoga guide you through your finances to maybe spend less on going out, and use ALL the grocery you bought last time, or even starting a garden (which is a great mindfulness practice).
3. Yoga controls our appetites. This allows us to mindfully decided when we are hungry and only fuel with delicious and nutritious eats. This in the long run, allows us not to buy those uneeded potato chips or other snacks at the grocery store.
4. Use yoga to truly understand YOUR finances. Make a practice, maybe once a week, completely centered around releasing financial stress. Move from a physical practice, into a meditation and followed by journaling or financial brainstorming. Lay it all our there – it can be as complex as a budget or as simple as going to Starbucks one less time a week.
5. Yoga can teach us to release expensive or negative habits. Like smoking, chewing, drinking or even shopping too much, yoga allows us to go deeper and be fueled.

Overall, using yoga for more than just an ‘exercise’ is the whole point. Yoga teaches us how to handle, digest and deal with daily life habits, in a natural and healthy way. Start with your body, move into your mind and heal that wallet! 


                              This month’s meditation is brought to you by:                                                                                    Intentions

Enjoy this 6 minute meditation on setting intentions. This is a good “mid-year” moment to re-set and re-focus those intentions you may have drifted from, from the beginning of the year. Enjoy.



Cara Lustgarten

Cara Lustgarten has been practicing yoga for 20 years, and she recently turned her love for and experience with the practice to teaching. She completed both her 200-hour teacher training and Restorative Training with Melanie McLeod, an insightful and skilled yogi, at Bhadra Yoga. Cara’s goal as a yoga teacher is to promote self-care, creative healing, and positive energy; she wants to share with others the profound blessings that have been granted to her through her practice.
Starting May 2nd she will be teaching Yoga for Health on Tuesday nights at 6:30 at our Main location (168th & Blondo). MAY 2ND CLASS IS FREE!!!!  

What is yoga for health?
This class is open to all levels of people, designed to meet the student where they are. This class will not only give you the foundation and continuum of yoga but will teach you how yoga and meditation both can be used everyday. This class brings it’s focus to 3 primary things; mind, body, & spirit. It will guide the student deeply into mental clarity through balancing of emotions and body. Yoga for Health is open to all people ready to gently explore the personal power that lies within. This class is centered around what the students need, to find strength, expression, support, peace of mind, and an overall peace of mind.


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