Kill Your Commute

June 23, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga

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Whether you are driving, biking, walking or riding – it’s time you kill that commute.

Commuting. Sometimes the hardest part of our day, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Why not make that commute an OPPORTUNITY, for awareness, for breath, for compassion, and for space to self-heal?

Commuting twice day is a powerful opportunity to create and form new habits that allow us to show up to work refreshed and come home ready to enjoy our evenings. While commuting we need to remember one thing, life only happens in the present moment, so applying mindfulness to our commutes allows us to practice this.

As you begin your commute to work be aware of a couple things: your breath, your body and your sight. To start this awareness mindfully put your seat belt on. When you get into your car comfortably settle into your seat – begin to set an intention of being present and aware that will allow a great start to your day. As you reach back for your seat belt and grab it, close your eyes and go through all the things you feel. Feel the metal, the fabric, is it warm, or cold? As you go to buckle it in listen to the sound of it stretching over the body, the sound of it clicking in and tightening. As you are driving to work keep the radio off and bring attention to the seat holding your body, to your foot on the pedal – notice the pressure against the pedal, notice the hands on the steering wheel – and their placement.

Continue this practice as you head home – trying to imagine all of the day as clouds, passing by, not affecting you or allowing you to emotionally react. Let your intention for your ride be a preparation to relax and enjoy your evening. Whether it is home to a spouse or partner, kids or a pet, everyone deserves to let worries of the day pass and relax in preparation for the new day.

Bring this type of mindfulness to your commute everyday, after a couple of times you will begin to be more aware. If you take the same route to work everyday try finding 1 new thing everyday that you may have not noticed before – this exercise keeps the mind present. Practicing a mindful commuting is exactly that, a practice. It is time to start the PRACTICE of killing your commute.

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