An “Ice Day” Home Practice

January 17, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga

Begin on your back, maybe placing a hand over the heart and another hand over the belly. Close the eyes at take a couple moments to tune in.

Find the cycle of belly breath – inhales lift the belly button up to the sky and the exhale lets the belly button fall back toward the spine.

Repeat this for 5-10 minutes

Roll over the shins and come to table top position and begin 10 rounds of cat- cow

Inhale lifts the chest high dropping the belly button down

Exhale curls the spine, chin to chest, pulling the belly button to the spine

Thread the needle – right shoulder to the ground hold for 4 breaths the left shoulder to the ground hold for 4 breaths

Exhale release back to child’s pose

Walk the hands over the right side and then to the left

Press back up to table top pose

Lift the hips high to downward facing dog

Take a couple breaths to get out any fidgeting

Find stillness here for 5 breaths

Step into a forward fold keeping the knees bent

Let the arms dangle and each vertebrae at a time slowly rise to standing letting the head be the last thing to come up

Inhale arms high

Forward fold

Half lift

Plant the hands step back to plank (drop to knees if needed)

Chatturanga – lower to the floor

Inhale lift the chest upward facing dog

Push back downward facing dog – hold for 5 breaths

Step back into forward fold

Half lift

Back to mountain pose

Repeat this 5-10 times

From mountain pose step the left foot back for warrior one

Open the chest and hips warrior two

Reverse warrior

Side angle pose – rest forearm to bent leg or extend the palm to the ground

Warrior 2

Warrior 1

Step the left foot up to fierce pose

Mountain pose

Repeat with right leg

Find your way to down dog

Hold for 5 breaths

Drop to your knees and find child’s pose

Roll to your back and let the knees be to the sky and feet on the earth

On your inhale lift the hips to the sky for bridge pose

Hold for 8 breaths

Right ankle over the left knee for supine pigeon pose

Repeat with left ankle and right knee

Find any other organic movements and find your way to your back

Bring the breath back down to a deep belly breath

Savasana, enjoy!

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