I Release My Attachment.

September 28, 2017 | Stevie Swails

Releasing attachment to things you no longer need in your life or things that no longer serve you, will lift the bars of your life and allow you freedom. We may hold onto these things such as; relationships, belongings or situations, by clinging to them only from a view point of fear. However, when we hold onto things that we don’t need we loose sight or touch with things we do need, like faith, love and healthy relationships. Ask yourself this: “Does holding on to this allow me to reach my potential or my highest good”?

The hardest part of letting go can sometimes be the fear of filling the void. Trusting in the process of the world will allow you to calmly realize that good things will come to replace what you release. Before abruptly letting go, allow yourself some space for emotion. You deserve to feel whatever emotion swings your way, as long as it is always followed by love and freedom. Honor the things you are releasing as a part of your life you are not needing anymore, they may have served you at one point and that’s something to be celebrated. So, whatever in life you are needing to release, know it is a process, but once reached you will find yourself in your highest and greatest good.

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