I Listen To My Body

October 26, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga

As we prepare to enter into more darkness and cooler temperatures, it is pertinent to ensure we listen to our body as the earth begins to transition. Giving ourselves and our bodies permission to have sensations, emotions or feelings is not “giving in” or being weak – it is simply listening with respect and without judgement.

If you are feeling a little fatigued, stiff or sore today simply let your body know that you will be gentle today, that is all it needs. Pushing past feelings is simply the un-mindful act of avoidance. Truly listening to the body, even asking “what do I need today” will help instill respect for oneself, confidence and an increased self-esteem. Begin this practice of listening to the body by laying in bed a few moments longer in the morning than usual, ask yourself “how do I FEEL today”? Focusing on the breath in preparation for the day, allow all bodily sensations to come to the surface. As you move through your morning routine find slow movements, and time, to gently wake the body and respect it through the day.

We only get one body, treat it gently.

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