I choose to enjoy

May 05, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga

The moment that your eyes open and your head releases from the pillow you are given a choice. A choice to let love in, and love the day you are given, OR to ride the minutes of the day until you head hits the pillow again. The most amazing part of being a human, that is granted the opportunity to walk the earth, is being given the choice. This choice happens daily, and is the most powerful part of each day.

Carpe Diem, the cliche phrase of “seize the day”. We can learn so much from this phrase, about our choice we are given, everyday. Enjoying each and every day does not have to mean, packing your day full of things to-do or trying to catch up on the “honey-do” list. Enjoying each day can mean MAKING the choice, the second your eyes open, telling yourself that today is a good day, the day.

Be grateful for TODAY, be grateful that you are given a choice.

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