I believe in my ability to succeed.

July 06, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga

A key component of self-love, self-care or self-honesty is your ability to believe in yourself and your success. If you have heard of ‘karma’ or manifesting then you know that whatever you put out into the universe you get back. If you put out negativity on yourself or other than that is what you will constantly receive back. Have you ever had one bad thing happen to you and then all of the sudden things began to snowball? First you spill your coffee on your pants while driving, then a flat tire, forgot your lunch, got stuck in a car accident on the way home and maybe forgot to pick up your kid? Wowza, that is a rough day. 9 times out of 10 it continually got worst because you kept ‘vibrating’ a bad day.

Believe in your ability to succeed, it is based, solely, on your ability to continually put out positive energy and a good mood into the world. Next time 1 bad thing happens don’t let it spiral into “the worst day ever”. Only YOU have control over your life, so take it back and watch your success unwind.

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