I am whole {enough}.

June 15, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga

This short and simple affirmation will fire up your week. When you say this phrase aloud what arises? Are there any specific feelings you have, any memories? Let them arise. However, be mindful in not emotionally attaching to the feelings, memories, or whatever arises here. Take a moment to also realize what it is, specifically, that makes you feel whole. Feeling whole doesn’t always come from external people or things, a lot of it stems from ourself. We could feel whole from your family or friends but you could also feel whole from cooking, or writing, or reading.

Give yourself permission to feel full, to feel whole, and feel enough. Allowing yourself permission to see yourself whole is a matter of serious self-care. In the midst of your crazy summer, whatever it is you are doing, do not let the heat allow you to forget you.

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