I Am Right Where I Need To Be

September 21, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga

Here. Here is where you are suppose to be. We often find our brains in a state of worrying, thinking and planning the future or replaying or reliving the past. Science says only 10% of the time our brains are in the present moment, 50% is spent in the future and 40% of the time is in the past. Give yourself permission to be present and let yourself know that this is where you need to be.

Through all of life’s stages we keep “hoping” to be in a different place, wishing we older, richer, skinnier, healthier, or happier. All of things do not allow us to live where we are. If we aren’t living in the present moment, are we even living? No. So, whether you are just out of college or going back to school, newly married or divorced, having children or getting grandkids, your life will never be exactly what you planned but once you take a breath and find gratitude in the place you are, it is then that you are able to let your best life to unfold.

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