I am powerful & charismatic

June 22, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga

Great leaders realize their own potential, they realize the qualities that makes them good leaders, and they realize their powerful impact they make in the world {big or small}. Leaders aren’t always “natural born leaders”, some may find themselves ‘accidentally’ becoming a leader or organically becoming one. Some of the best leaders are just thrown into it, having to learn the in’s and out’s by doing or learning as it goes on. Being a leader does not mean being a “boss”, the best “bosses” are even better leaders. People respond, positively, to being lead rather than being ‘bossed’.

Being able to tell yourself the qualities that you hold that make you a great leader is ESSENTIAL to your leadership self-care. Whether you are leading your family in making dinner tonight, running a company, or just setting a good example for a youth, be the leader that your soul wants you to be. Anyone can be a leader, but it takes a real leader to know their own qualities and strengths.

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