I Am More Than Enough

June 20, 2018 | Stevie Jelden

Within the rise of suicide the importance in FINDING self-love and knowing that you are MORE than enough is so pertinent to societal survival. First, find a mindful pause. Little moments of quiet reflection, that are so needed, so relevant and frequently challenging to find. The mindful pause allows us to let go of self-righteousness and invite in connection, compassion and gratitude. Mindful pauses sit in simplicity, so remember that. It is just a moment of awareness, a moment of reconnection, a moment of simple gratitude.

Self-love may not always look like your favorite piece of cake “because you deserve it”. It could be you allowing space to non-judgmentally explore some negative thoughts you’ve been having. Grant yourself the opportunity to acknowledge every shade of you. Unleash your colors, step up to who you really are – even if it is ugly. Fear of who we truly are blocks self-love and keeps us in judgmental jail cells. Find the sweet spot of awareness tucked between doing and being. Self-love is a simple moment, it is a non-judgmental acceptance of even our ugliest selves. It is the openness to shifting as our needs and lives shift around us.

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