I Am Grateful.

November 15, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga

We have all heard this phrase, over and over again. It is simple, but so powerful. Gratitude, of course is the “big” things, like our families, partners, kids, friends and parents. But it is when we find gratitude in the day to day, we are truly grateful. A couple of examples could be:

“I am grateful for the sun that woke me up this morning”

“I am grateful for water that brewed my coffee today”

“I am grateful for the cool air that allows nature to be renewed”

“I am grateful for the radio that gave me laughter on the way to work”

Finding these simple things are usually more powerful than the big things. Taking a moment, each and every day to stop, take a breath and just point out one area of gratitude will make your heart sing. This is a good practice to bring to the people around you, with your kids on the way to school or with your partner before you fall asleep. Gratitude usually is more powerful than we think. Be grateful and you will see light, abundance, happiness and good fortune begin to flow into your life.

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