I am a leader & lover

May 11, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga

There is so much power & potential behind leading with love, which is the essence of this affirmation. To be a leader it takes courage, charisma, compassion and hard work. We may know many leaders who show a couple or all of these characteristics within their leadership style, and we may know some leaders who show the very opposite of these. Being a leader does not mean running a business, managing people, or being in charge. It means being someone that people flock to for their courage, charisma, and compassion, all within the umbrella of love.

Interweaving love within all things that we do on a daily basis will set up the universe to be on our side. Whether you perceive yourself a leader or are working your way into it, approaching your day-to-day with a sense of compassion and understanding worked with in love,  will truly allow the real and raw YOU to emerge.

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