How To Be Mindful On Halloween

October 31, 2017 | Stevie Jelden

“Halloween wraps fears in innocence, as though it were a slightly sour sweet. Let, terror, then, be turned into a treat” – Nicholas Gordon.

Being mindful on Halloween can stem from simply noticing how many pieces of candy you eat (or steal), to walking presently as you trick-or-treat with the children. One thing we can focus on, for sure, is the simple innocence that we can bring to everything around us.

As we may walk the streets seeing things that may otherwise scare us, haunt us or bring us bad dreams, simply approach them mindfully. You may notice all the bodily sensations that begin to arise as you see something that you may be afraid of or keep hidden, or in the dark. You may begin to experience an increased heart rate, sweaty or clammy palms, or sweat beads beginning to form. Just notice that ‘fight or flight’ response in our nervous system turning on. Simply notice, and breath – without judgement.

Halloween gives us space to practice mindfulness, dress up, and {mindfully} eat candy we may otherwise not eat. Most importantly Halloween teaches us that even the things we keep in the dark or judge as scary or creepy can be brought into the light of day. Use this as an opportunity, to again bring innocence to your surroundings. Today, as you set out into the spooky streets be present through a mindful walk – simply noticing each step as the foot rolls on the pavement, be open to all bodily sensation and feelings, without judgment, and when lost in fright or thought ALWAYS return to the breath.

So, whether you are handing out candy, trick-or-treating, or binge watching scary movies we can all learn a lesson or 2 from being mindful on Halloween.

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