Hiring: Licensed Mental Health Professional and Patient Navigator/Lead Yoga Trainer

July 15, 2022 | Johnna Hjersman Everson

We at OIC are excited to grow our team and better meet the expanding needs of our community. We have two positions open that we are looking to fill soon.

Licensed Mental Health Professional

Summary of essential job functions:

  • Coordinate all phases of care including initial assessment, care planning, monitoring, education, and counseling of patients seeking mental health services.
  • Evaluate, interpret, monitor, and document the status and needs of patients using established standards of care and practice guidelines.
  • Develop, review, update, and implement educational materials to meet the needs of patients and professionals.
  • Function as an integral member of the clinical interdisciplinary team.
  • Collaborate and coordinate patient care with practitioners within and outside of Omaha Integrative Care.
  • Maintain licensure and professional standards of professional associations.

Read the full job description and apply here.

Patient Navigator/Lead Yoga Trainer

Summary of essential job functions:

  • Support patients/students in meeting their healthcare needs/goals.
  • Assist providers/staff/bodyworkers/teachers in OIC’s overall mission, which is to provide education and integrative modalities.
  • Create trainings and programs that are accessible and in alignment with OIC’s mission and values.
  • Support and cultivate meaningful growth for the whole of OIC.

Read the full job description and apply here.

— Johnna Hjersman Everson, LMHP, CMFT, is an integrative therapist at Omaha Integrative Care. Her favorite self-care practices are dancing, gardening, baking, and walking her dogs, Frankie and George.

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