Founders Letter: Opening the Heart

February 19, 2019 | Julie Luzarraga

That favorite Hallmark holiday Valentine’s Day is this month.  But, before you get caught up in images of couples holding hands, blingy gifts, or sugary hearts I want you to pause.  Right now, just take a moment and pause.  Let your body relax.  Unclench your jaw.  With your next exhale, see if you can let your shoulders gently roll back away from your ears, opening the heart area.  There it is, the heart.  Your heart.  One of the most powerful and instrumental organs we have.  Metaphorically and energetically, it is what connects us to our passion, people, and how we choose to live.

We may think we should have a “heart healthy” diet or talk about doing things “with heart,” but when we aren’t even aware of our heart it is hard to be authentic in our heartfelt actions.  Heart meditations are lovely ways to stay connected to yourself and others with compassion.  Simply placing a hand over your heart and breathing in and out through this area can bring a sense of calm and clarity.  Loving kindness meditations help us to feel connected to each other, reminding us that we are not alone.  When we bring attention to our heart, we bring intention to how we live.

So, this Valentine’s themed month, consider nurturing your heart and sharing that with others.


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