Everyday Acts of Kindness

October 04, 2017 | Isa Luzarraga

Thursday, October 5th is “Do Something Nice Day.” While this day may seem insignificant to some, it bears a very important lesson to all. Every time a person smiles at you in passing as you walk down the street it makes you feel a little lighter and when a co-worker gives you a compliment on your sweater, it can lift your spirits.

Being kind and friendly to others can be as simple as doing these ‘little things’. These kind gestures might make someone’s horrible day, better. Spreading the love to others has more impact than you know. After someone compliments you or waves, don’t you want to return the favor, or have an ‘itch’ for spread it on? Happiness and kindness can be infectious. Smiling or waving at someone can (and usually does) cause a chain reaction.

Maybe smiling at someone isn’t what you do normally; maybe it’s out of your comfort zone, but in discomfort we find our truest selves. It tends to take less energy to be friendly than it does to be cold and bitter. As our society and world keep advancing, it seems that our communication as humans is getting less and less. Rarely do we have in depth face to face discussions with our friends or family. As humans we have created a fear of social interactions, we tend to find texting or snapchatting the ‘easy way out’. We can work on changing this through committing everyday acts of kindness. Smile at someone on the street, compliment your neighbor on their perfectly manicured lawn; it may not seem like it, but it will make this sometimes cold world, a much better place.

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