Eat Mindfully This Spring

April 05, 2018 | Isa Luzarraga

Spring has finally arrived, though it may not necessarily feel like it outside. It has always been common knowledge that “The Season of Rebirth” is another synonym for spring. Which makes right now the perfect time to change up one’s lifestyle a little bit. Eating well is pertinent to living a healthy lifestyle and mindfulness can be a key part of changing up your daily eating routine.

It can be hard to change everything we consume in a day all at one time. The first step is to be conscious of portion sizes. Most health journals report that it is more beneficial to eat numerous little meals throughout the day than the typical big, three meals per day. Sometimes we can forget that our meal sizes are too much for anyone to finish in one sitting.

Another simple switch that makes a big impact in our health eating habits, is what we drink. Soda and other flavored beverages can add unwanted calories and sugars to your daily diet. Swapping out these for sparkling water or other low sugar drinks can make your body feel better. A serving size of the average soda has around the same amount of calories as a KIND granola bar. It can be tempting to reach for that Coke, but the mindful response could  be to ask yourself why it is you’re reaching for the coke. Caffeine? Sugar? Make the mindful difference after that, like grabbing an iced tea instead.

Finally, it is important to remember that diets and eating plans are not for everyone, and they can be unhealthy. Restricting yourself from certain types of food and drinks all at once can be overwhelming and difficult to do. Diets and meal plans can definitely work, but allow yourself to be mindful, make decisions and most importantly talk to your health care expert.

Mindfulness is a key part of changing your health. Keep these tips in the back of your head when making healthy eating decisions and take the first step to mindfulness by attending one of our mindfulness classes.

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