I CHOOSE To Be Blessed Beyond Measure This Holiday Season

November 29, 2017 | Stevie Jelden

We have a very specific choice every year the holidays come around. We can either choose to let fear of seeing families, explaining your current situation, or finances take over the true meaning OR you can choose to feel blessed. When we say an affirmation it is to say a feeling we wish to portray. Even if you begin to feel the pressure, the worry, the anxiety or fear come over you – that moment of emotion allows you a choice.

Human nature is to feel judgment. Fear, worry or anxiety that family or friends may judge that you cannot get them that expensive gift this year or have to say no to some holiday parties. However, human nature can be shifted into understanding. Most of the time the “judgment” we feel is simply a projection of our own emotions. So, with our breath as our anchor we can CHOOSE blessing this holiday season.

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