Candy For All

October 26, 2017 | Isa Luzarraga

With Halloween coming up, most households are hastily preparing for this holiday. Costumes are being put together, candy is being purchased, and creepy lawn ornaments are being put up. Everyone is preparing for the trick or treaters that are imminently going to arrive at their household. The question is: who should be trick-or-treating?

Many might believe that Halloween is an activity only meant for children and their juvenile imaginations and sweet tooths. However, many seem to disagree. What is stopping a teenager, young adult, or parent from dressing up and enjoying a night of  trick or treating themselves? Would these older people really stop this holiday from becoming family friendly? Different kinds of people participating in Halloween could help cement more family relationships and reinforce the love of the holiday all together. Isn’t the true purpose of Halloween to bring our imaginations and fantasies to light? This century old tradition is a family bonding activities at its best.

So don’t be afraid of spooky people, of all ages dressing in costumes and begging for your candy. Halloween is one night where many feel they can truly be themselves. Go out and join your fellow monsters, superheroes, and fairy tale creatures and enjoy a night that is truly meant for all! Most importantly, enjoy a piece of candy… or two.

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