Bringing Peace To Your Thanksgiving Table

November 21, 2017 | Stevie Jelden

Thanksgiving can be the beginning of the stressful & sometimes chaotic holiday season, but there is no reason to let it derail you from the true meaning of the season: love, connection and gratitude. Whatever your table may look like, use these 5 things to bring peace to your Thanksgiving Table.

1. Connect: After everyone has sat down to begin their meal take a moment to grab hands with the people or person sitting next to you. You can make this as formal as it feels comfortable. Take a couple moments to quietly connect with your breath and come to YOUR true intentions for the season. Connect your breath with the people/ person you’re holding hands with. Finding your breath will re-ground you and your loved ones and keep intentions straight. Remember to keep the breath slow, steady, and connected.

2. Set a mantra: This can be a simple word that resonates with you and your loved ones. It can be something you decide on prior to the meal or decide on together. Continue to take a couple moments, holdings hands, grounding, and be presently aware with your mantra you decide on. If it feels comfortable, say it together or to one another.
Ex: I am peace-YOU are peace, let peace reside within you, always.

3. Find gratitude in your demons: Resonating within you this day is gratitude. Gratitude doesn’t just reside within the great and happy things of your life. Although you should always take moments for these things, we often over look our hardships. This year be grateful for something more courageous, like a broken heart or financial troubles. It teaches you to look further than the silver lining and go deep into the grateful awareness of it all.

4. Body scan: Together or alone, after the dishes are cleaned and leftovers are put away, lie down and follow a body scan. This allows the energy from our meal, and our food to settle and give us the opportunity to be mindful within it all. It also allows for a healthy digestion of the food. Throw in a couple yogic twists

5. Hug: Whether this is your partner, parent, sibling, best friend, co-worker, or pet. Hug someone who you are grateful for, its a silent yell of love. Quiet and connected our bodies exchange what our words won’t speak, and most of the time a physical affirmation is better than a verbal one. If hugging feels uncomfortable and not organic, allow this affirmation to be a simple hand grab or pat on the back. 

Re-find the simplicity in the holiday season. Even within the tides of it all, there is always a shore of gratitude on the other side. Take Thanksgiving slow, take the morning to release any expectations you may have from the holiday itself or the people you are spending it with. Whenever you feel anxiety of the holiday season about to rush upon you just take a quiet moment to anchor back to the breath.

Happy Thanksgiving, may you find love in your heart and peace at your table.


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