Back to School For Lifelong Learners

August 10, 2017 | Julie Luzarraga

Back to School For Life Long Learners.
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One of my favorite things about Omaha Integrative Care is that we are a group of lifelong learners. We
love learning about people; the latest research; the newest questions to solve; and how we can
challenge ourselves and our practices to be more effective. We also know that continuing to learn and
grow is good for your physical and emotional health.

As integrative practitioners, we also learn from the people we work with and each other. The people we
work with teach us about culture and experiences. They teach us about how they practice health when
they share a new recipe, an inspirational quote or a new book they have read. We also get the privilege
of witnessing how people negotiate and weather the hard times; how someone makes lasting change
despite the barriers; how people become resilient. A good healthcare provider learns from the people
they work alongside with.

From these experiences, my favorite class to teach is Mind Body Medicine for Stress Reduction. This
class teaches the important life skills we need to learn again and again and practice over and over. Mind
Body Medicine for Stress Reduction class is 8 weeks of learning about the mind body connection, how
stress affects our bodies, and how we can respond versus react to stressful life events. Mostly, it is
about learning resiliency or our ability to handle life’s bumps in the road, big and small. So, while we are
watching kids getting ready to go back to school, think about learning how to be more resilient. And
guess what? Adults can learn how to be more resilient.

Each time I teach this class, I learn something new. I learn more about myself and I always learn from
the people who attend. The gems of wisdom could be a new quote; another way to look at something;
or a new stress reducing trick someone shares. But, most importantly, there is a new fresh moment to
practice what I teach every day.


Mind Body Medicine
Begins September 13th
MUST pre-register
$350 (Insurance may be accessed)
Infertility Support Group
August 15th
6:30 PM Main FREE
$20 Massage Day
August 15th 11AM-6PM
OIC Main – Cami ONLY
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