Are you ready to surrender?

November 30, 2016 | Julie Luzarraga

Are you ready to surrender? Surrender to the sacristy of your body, without the captivity of the mind? Are you ready to allow yourself to reach a new level of relaxation all while finding your inner self-connectedness? So are you ready to surrender?

This type of yoga is saving people of all body types, of all ages, and across all levels of experience. This uniquely sequenced class is designed to open the body in a gentle and comfortable way. There is no forcing the body into painful positions in this style of yoga practice. Many props are used within this practice to ensure comfort and support for the body to be able to stay, still, within the pose for 2-5 minutes. Since these poses are held for such a long period of time, it is crucial that the instructor helps every student into each pose in a slow, gentle, and supportive way.

Unlike many yoga classes where poses are entered quickly, held for a couple moments, and exited quickly, restorative yoga is designed to slowly open up the muscles and joints of your body. The intention of a restorative yoga class is to deepen and relax the central nervous system. Restorative yoga is recommended to people of all types, especially for those who want to become more flexible, reduce pain, and calm restless minds. This practice is a beautiful balance of mind and body. It will help bring you into your physical yoga practice as well as a meditative practice. This practice allows you to enter into every pose without the restrictions of a normal yoga class. During a class, as the minutes passes, a student begins to deepen into the pose as they begin to relax and surrender within.

Your mind can be the biggest obstacle in any circumstance and restorative yoga is allowing your mind to stop controlling the motions of your body and simply let go, surrender, be. It is the body, not the mind, which will determine the pace of opening and deepening into muscles, joints, and tendons. So, are you ready to surrender? To bliss, peace, love, and relaxation?


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