The 5 BEST Self-Care Apps

August 08, 2019 | Isa Luzarraga

2019’s BEST Self-Care Apps

It feels like self-care and self-love can be hard to come by nowadays. With your busy, chaotic life, it’s hard to live and remain positive among all the negative white noise. Lucky for you, we compiled our favorite health and self-care apps to give you that boost of confidence to help you get through the day. Rating each app based on how easy it was to use, its price, and the available personalization, we found the top five best health apps out there. Enjoy!


Featured as Best of 2018 by Apple

Ease of Use: 4.5 stars

Price: Free (annual subscription of $4.50/month for Shine Premium)

Best for: Those needing daily boosts of positivity


Described as “a daily pep talk in your pocket”, Shine delivers daily positive messages about self-love and care along with articles and motivating audio tracks. This app enables you to set a goal for yourself and commit to challenges based on what you need most in your life. After giving your email and making a password, Shine will give you options to personalize your experience. 

Then you will receive personalized challenges like 7 Days to Calming Anxiety and 7 Days to Beat Burnout to complete and motivate you toward your self-care goals. An important thing to note is that these challenges contain audio tracks that you need to buy an annual subscription to access after your 7-day free trial. Overall Shine is a positive friend in your pocket and is very easy and convenient to use.


Sanity & Self

#1 Self-Care app for women, by women

Ease of use: 4 stars

Price: Free (Premium membership is $9.99/month)

Best for: Busy ladies who need to make time for themselves


Sanity & Self reminds you to make time for yourself throughout your busy day. With guided self-care audio sessions and reminders, there is no excuse for you to not focus on you for even just a two-minute session. Sanity & Self gives reminders to users to take a break and establish a routine participating in sessions. This app also offers easy, online journaling to chronicle your successes and not-so successes. Also available is an online network of female experts to share and compare stories with. However, if you want access to an unlimited library of sessions, advice from fitness experts, sleep visualization, and so much more, you need to sign up for a Premium Membership.



Emotional Health Assistant with a 5-star rating

Ease of use: 4.7 stars

Price: Free

Best for: Anyone struggling with anxiety or other mental health issues

Youper is always there to talk you through any stressful situation. If you’re feeling especially anxious or stressed, give Youper a text. The creators of this app are using Ai technology to develop personalized treatments for disorders and mental health conditions. Message Youper to receive suggestions and insights about your mood and the best solution for how you are feeling instantaneously. Created by doctors and psychiatrist, Youper has become a very reputable app in the medical community. Patients struggling with depression, PTSD, and cognitive-behavioral disorders have found this especially helpful. Simply sign up with your email and Youper will start a conversation with you, keeping track of your symptoms and mood to develop insights.


Insight Timer

Apps of the Year Winner in Time Magazine and Womens Health

Ease of use: 4.5 stars

Price: Free

Best for: Anyone (regardless of experience) who wants to focus on meditation


Meditation and mindful experts have collaborated on the highest rated meditation app on the App Store. With thousands of guided meditations, a timer, and music tracks, Insight Timer brings guided meditation to your phone. Set reminders and timers to reach your meditative goals. You can also follow teachers and discussion groups to optimize your mindfulness experience.



#1 Health & Fitness apps on the App Store

Editor’s Choice ‘Best Apps of 2018’

Ease of use: 4.8 stars

Price: Free (monthly subscription $12.99/month annual $69.99/year)

Best for: Those who want it all

The Calm app combines physical, mental, and emotional health tips in a self-care package that everyone is loving. Want a guided meditation? Calm has hundreds of online videos to help you find your zen.. Having trouble falling asleep? Try one of this app’s sleep stories. Relaxing soundscapes and other music tracks aid those who need a quick fix to stress. But in order to access all of Calm’s content, users need to sign up for the monthly or annual subscription. 

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