Self Care Leads to Success

March 20, 2019 | Isa Luzarraga

Let’s be completely real for a second. All of us lead extremely busy lives. With work engagements, family dinners, and making time for friends, it can definitely feel like a second job to focus on your own personal health. Self-care is crucial and sometimes it is hard to remember that we need to treat ourselves like we would a friend in need. This means taking time out of the day to: meditate to clear our minds, make ourselves a healthy lunch for the next day, scheduling a quick workout session to get some energy, anything that we need to keep going.

These little things can seem like a sacrifice of time at first, but we have to realize they save us so much down the road. When you are happy and healthy, you will be more successful in whatever drives you. This could mean that one presentation you’re giving in work or maintaining a healthy weight or even starting your own business. Whatever it is, self-care will help you reach your goals and the next level of your potential. And this is why self-care directly correlates with success!

Now I know, sounds a lot easier said than done, right. But there are plenty, little things we can do throughout the day to improve our overall attitude. You determine what your appropriate level of self-care is. Maybe you are really stressed about work struggles at the moment. You can feel all that tension and anxiety building. Relax with a massage at OIC. Want a quicker fix? Take 15 minutes out of your day to do something physically active. This could mean some light stretching, taking a walk, or a short yoga session. Also, check out our post about self-care apps. These selections can relieve any anxiety or stress you might have.  Whatever you need, do it!

Do you know those days where you just don’t seem to have any energy? It feels like you are walking in slow motion through your house and then out the door to work. Instead of getting that grande coffee from Starbucks, eat a clean, healthy breakfast full of antioxidants that boost your metabolism. Sipping water and munching on nuts or dark chocolate are scientifically proven to give that jolt to your system that helps you feel less tired. Besides these solutions, there are so many other ways to care for yourself. Check out our OIC Wellness Challenge Calendar. Every day is designed to focus on one aspect of your self-care. It’s like having a little health coach on your wall or on your phone! So check it out and remember that self-care equals success.

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