Integrative Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coaching

Connecting mind, body & spirit

  • Your integrative health coach can help you explore the 8 dimensions of your wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, occupational, financial, environmental, and spiritual.
  • Break through old barriers and habits to establish a realistic and healthy approach to all aspects of life.
  • Build confidence in your choices and practices by deepening your connection to your inner wisdom.

An integrative approach

Dandilion is our integrative health coach and can serve as your “guide on the side” in better navigating many situations, including relaxation and stress management, women’s health issues, fertility and pregnancy nutrition guidance.

Getting started

To help you determine if coaching is right for you, we offer a free 15-minute introduction that can be completed over Zoom, phone, or in-person. Then, in your initial consultation, our coach will help you identify personal wellness goals. You will receive individualized, collaborative attention unique to your needs and gentle support to help make it all happen.

Sessions may include:

  • Integrative and complementary health approaches, including yoga, Ayurveda, sound healing, reiki, relaxation, meditation, and visualization
  • General nutrition guidance & strategies for a balanced diet
  • Education on herbs & supplements
  • Pantry overhauls
  • Guided visits to a farmer’s market/grocery store of your choice


15-minute introduction: FREE

3-month program: $540

Includes two 60-minute sessions per month.

6-month program: $1080

Includes two 60-minute sessions per month.

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