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Mind Body Wellness

Mind & Body Wellness: Finding balance and living with intention

Many complicated, stressful interactions take place between our thoughts, our bodies and the outside world every day. Ignoring the affect these interactions have on our physical and emotional health directly affects our ability to effectively deal with even the smallest problems. By being mindful of these interactions, we can create a foundation that helps us navigate stress in a healthy, holistic way.

We take an integrative approach to helping you build that foundation of self-care. Working closely with our experienced practitioners, you will create your personal path to healing and finding balance amidst the inevitable challenges and transitions that interrupt daily life.

Incorporating the latest research on the benefits of mind/body therapies, our classes and services are designed to work in harmony with conventional medicine. Bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge with them, our practitioners are also cross-trained in all of our programs so that they have a deep understanding of how each therapy complements another to nurture the mind, body and soul.