Integrative Nutrition

Integrative Nutrition

Connecting food to integrative medicine

  • Food is medicine. Improving diet, nutrition and lifestyle is an effective tool in helping, treating, and preventing disease.
  • There is a lot of information out there about what is a “healthy diet”. The reality is that everyone is uniquely “bio-individual”, the healthiest diet for one person may not be the healthiest diet for another.
  • What we eat influences how we feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. How we eat is tied to our emotions as well as our daily patterns in life.
  • Meeting with an integrative health coach can help break through old barriers to establish a realistic and healthy approach to food and other key aspects of life.

An integrative approach:

Dandilion is our integrative health coach and can serve as your “guide on the side” in better managing many situations, including weight control, women’s health issues, fertility and pregnancy nutrition guidance. Sessions incorporate a variety of integrative and complementary health approaches including but not limited to yoga, Ayurveda, sound healing, reiki, relaxation, meditation, and visualization. Nutrition is more than just the food on your plate. Alongside nutrition (secondary food), your health coach can also help you explore other key aspects of life such as career, education, relationships, joy, home environment, social life & more (primary food).

Getting started:

Beginning with an initial consultation, where we will help you set goals and determine which nutrition path is right for you. You will receive individualized, collaborative attention unique to your needs and gentle accountability support to help make it all happen. This may include detailed education, meal planning, strategies for a healthy balanced diet, general nutrition guidance or supplements education. Nutrition is a healing tool that the integrative practitioners at OIC can incorporate into your overall treatment plan.


Single/initial session: $80
Tier one: $480
Tier two: $960

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