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Clinical Herbalism

Clinical Herbalism is the art and science of using herbal medicine and traditional herbal theories and practices to professionally apply to the unique needs of clients to promote health and restore balance to the body, mind and spirit. Clinical Herbalism includes a comprehensive health review and assessment for personalized health guidance and a customized herbal protocol recommendation.

Herbalists at Omaha Integrative Care practice Traditional Western Herbalism, Native American Medicine, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. All while offering it under a roof of compassionate care, attentive listening and positive inspiration for your health and wellness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clinical Herbalism (FAQ’s)

How can herbs help me?

Herbs can be used to assist with healing, provide symptomatic relief of ailments, and amplify your health and wellness potential. Plant medicine helps you safely return to your natural essence by restoring balance and harmony in your body, mind, and spirit.

Why should I see a professional herbalist?

People may choose to visit a professional herbalist when they’re interested in exploring different healthcare options, or when they’ve run out of answers or options for their health concern.

What health and wellness issues can you help me with?

  • allergies and hives
  • autoimmune diseases
  • brain fog and memory
  • cardiovascular health
  • chakra balancing
  • diarrhea and constipation
  • digestive disorders and symptoms
  • emotional and mood support: heartbreak, trauma, shock, grief, loss, depression, anxiety, anger, frustration, and more
  • energy and fatigue
  • headaches and migraines
  • hormonal balance
  • infertility
  • insomnia
  • libido
  • meditation enhancement
  • menopausal symptoms
  • natural cleansing and detoxifying
  • natural first aid remedies
  • personal empowerment
  • physical pain and injuries
  • pregnancy and postpartum health
  • premenstrual symptoms
  • reproductive health
  • skin issues and rashes
  • spiritual guidance and protection
  • stress reduction
  • vaginal health
  • viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections
  • weight control

Do you see people of all ages?

Yes. Herbal healthcare can be helpful for any age.

What will my first appointment be like?

You will sit together with our herbalist and talk about your personal health story. The Initial Consultation includes a review of your medical history, your family’s medical history, Traditional Chinese Medicine/Ayurveda tongue and pulse assessment, physical nutrition assessment of the hair, skin, nails, eyes, and anthropometric assessment, a systematic measurement observations of the size, shape, and composition of the human body.

The intention of the assessments is to identify your unique patterns and imbalances. These traditional and clinical assessment techniques are reliable indicators of the original cause of disease, how complex the healing may be, and where to start with your herbal healthcare plan.

You will then have a personalized herbal protocol created for you, recorded on a Patient Recommendation Sheet for your convenience. Your herbalist will custom formulate and handcraft your herbal liquid or tea formulas and prepare the rest of your order. You will be asked to check in with your herbalist a week after starting your herbal protocol to review your progress and discuss changes.

How long does it take to feel better?

You will likely notice changes in your overall health 7-10 days after following your herbal protocol regularly, or 3-5 days for acute cases, or up to 4 weeks for more severe cases. It takes time to manifest deep healing. For chronic illnesses, you can expect to commit to 1-3 months of daily, consistent herbal healing for every 1 year you’ve experienced the illness.

What can I expect from the healing process?

How quickly patients experience results depends largely on their stress level, degree of emotional and spiritual balance, and ability to change their lifestyle and diet. Holistic healing addresses the true root – the underlying causes of illness. It does not simply mask the illness – it corrects imbalances at the core of our being. Natural healing can at times be a slower process, but its powerful effects are often permanent.

Based on your responses to the herbal and nutritional supplements, your herbalist may change your doses or herbal healthcare plan or modify your custom formulas to continue moving closer toward your most healthy, most dynamic self.

How often should I see an herbalist?

You may need monthly visits for the first 2-3 months, and less over time. Typically, new patients need a 60-minute Follow-Up Appointment for the first several visits, as there is usually more ground to cover in the beginning of your herbal healing journey and in complex cases. For this reason, we encourage new patients to take advantage of the New Patient Package deal, which includes the 90-minute Initial Consultation and two 60-minute Follow-Up Appointments for a 15% savings!

Is herbal medicine safe?

Historically, Mother Nature has always provided effective and safe healing through plants in their whole, natural state. Herbs are not only highly effective but have almost no side effects when used appropriately after consulting with a trained professional herbalist.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, herbs are comprised of multiple active ingredients that act together synergistically to produce a response. According to experts in phytomedicine, whole plants in their natural state offer much more chemistry sophistication in the human healing process due to the synergistic interactions within single extract herbs and between different herbs in a formula. All active ingredients in herbal medicine keep each other in check, which allows for safe use without harmful side effects.

How long do I need to stay on my herbal supplements?

When the root cause of the condition is resolved, patients may go off the herbal supplements. Some choose to continue working with their herbalist and start a new herbal protocol for other health goals or for preventative care.

What does it cost?

Appointment Fees:

90-minute Initial Consultation – $100

60-minute Follow-Up Appointment – $65

60-minute Initial Child’s Consultation (17 years old and under)- $75

30-minute Follow-Up Appointment – $45

15-minute Acute Follow-Up Appointment (single issue concerns) – $25

New Patient Package Deal: 90-minute Initial Consultation + two 60-minute Follow-Up Appointments – $195

*Prices do not include herbal and nutritional products

Does insurance cover my visit?

The cost of a visit to a professional herbalist currently is not covered under most insurance plans in Nebraska. If you contribute to a Health Savings Account, you may be able to receive reimbursement or payment for your expenses.  Please contact your HSA administrator for information.

Do you offer financing options?

Discounts and payment plans are available for people with financial hardship. Prior to your Initial Consultation, please let Michaela know if you have financial hardship, and together you can discuss ways to reduce costs without sacrificing your herbal healthcare plan.